About Us

We aim to use Empowerment, education and knowledge to create a better world for everyone. We go beyond pageantry to help women not only look beautiful, but also develop a strong sense of self-worth and develop an understanding of their worth in society. Taraji’s Enterprise is committed to transform women by helping them realise their worth and achieve their dreams.

Our Values

Women’s Empowerment, Trust, Transparency. To provide a platform for women to explore their challenges, accomplishments and strengthen their self-esteem.

Mrs. India 2022– An Introduction


Mrs. India, a beauty Pageant, is completely dedicated to all married women of the country specially designed with three categories (Platinum, Gold, and Classic). A pageant that does not just enhance the self-image and confidence of the women but also emphasis the grace, poises and originality of a woman. Every woman is beautiful and should feel beautiful irrespective of her age, color, height, weight or physique. Woman is much more than just physical aspects or external beauty. Woman contributes so much to the society, especially today when woman is independent economically but some how stereotyping of beauty limits her horizons. That is why Mrs. India is here to showcase and celebrate it.

Our purpose is not just to find a winner but to show women that they all are winners. We aim to provide a platform where our women can come forward and turn their dreams into reality. The pageant journey is a life changing opportunity for every woman.

This journey helps you realise your true potential.

  • It helps you gain self-confidence, raises your self- esteem.
  • It makes you more poised and presentable.
  • It helps you in personality development, and in improving your public speaking skills.
  • It helps you to discover your strengths and makes you more focussed.
  • It helps you to make more friends, discover the beauty of different cultures and traditions, and to promote societal connections.
  • It helps you make your voice heard to millions of people.
  • It helps you in achieving good health.

It is not just about the Sash and Crown, it is about the beauty of your potential which makes you a WINNER!!!

An initiative by Mrs. Shubha Bais

Mrs. Bais has always been the mingle mind behind the grand success of Taraji’s Enterprise. An innovative entrepreneur, a multifaceted personality, an optimistic person who has always inspired, encouraged and admired talent from all sectors. An actor, model, dancer and a business woman with a vision to bring a positive change in society by maintaining equilibrium, equality and empowerment.

A management graduate by profession, an alumni of IIM-A, a determined woman to break stereotypes in the society. A core believer to subjectify beauty in diversity, who has an excellent track record of leadership and success.

She encourages Women Empowerment and aims to provide a genuine and fair platform for all the married ladies to showcase their  talent on a global level , to live their dreams, to help them grow, rise and shine in every field of life.

She is all set to raise an era dedicated to womanhood – WOMENERA.

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